personal challenge

  1. S

    MD Need advice/thoughts for PS Vascular Surgery, chronic pain, and Low STEPS

    I am a rising MS4 who wants to pursue vascular surgery integrated. STEP1: 213 STEP2: 229 1 vascular case report under review Surgery: HP I had a leg calve perthes as a chid that took me out of school for periods of time and put me in a wheelchair fo3 years. After 4 surgeries I was able to...
  2. mandu_cheeks

    Yet another question about the diversity & personal challenge secondary prompts

    Hi folks, Like many others in this cycle, I am in the process of prewriting my secondaries. I have two ideas in mind for the diversity/personal challenge essays, and I wanted your advice on which experience was more suited for the "diversity" prompt and vice versa. Please do not quote any part...