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  1. L

    looking to hire help with personal statement for psych phd

    I'm an unconventional, 39 year old career changer with kids and determined to get my phd or psyd. I'm very overwhelmed about the personal statement and organizing how to articulate why I make a good candidate. Will gladly pay for editing and organizational writing help! Thank you !
  2. M

    Personal Statement readers

    So disclaimer, Im terrible at writing. Just finished my rough draft ( still working on a conclusion) but I would love any advice (I'm sure there's a ton) on grammar and content. Would be much appreciated.
  3. inGenius Prep

    Medical Personal Statement Topics

    Coming up with a personal statement topic is hard. There are certain qualities you must convey as a medical school applicant, but you also don't want to fall into the trap of writing in clichés. Many applicants choose to focus on: Personal growth Notable achievements Adversity faced...
  4. lgs9109

    Internship VIRMP Personal Statement Format

    I know it's a bit early to be thinking about the match for next year, but my professional development rotation is having us write a cover letter/personal statement and resume/CV for our "next step". Thought this was a good time to get my first rough draft written down! My question is how to...
  5. Shawna-Kaye Lester

    FREE Personal Statement workbook

    Hi, I’m Shawna-Kaye Lester. My writing coaching services help you put together a memorable essay, so you can impress admissions, attend your dream school, and go create the life and legacy you want. My free workbook helps you to stop procrastinating and write a personal statment that stands...
  6. iPouya.Admissions.Expert

    Harvard Grad ready to help with your admissions essays!

    Every year gaining admission into the school of your choice (med, dental, pharm, etc) is getting harder so you need to go the extra step in order to make your application "pop" and stand out. Admissions committees read thousands of essays from very competitive applicants every year so it's very...