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    PhD admissions without a master's...

    I want to apply to PhD programs in public health but I don't have a master's degree and am worried about my undergrad grades. I have a bachelor's in nursing and Spanish with 9 years experience as an RN (6 years clinical, 3 years in health education and program planning). I had a 3.5 undergrad...
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    WAMC: What Are My Chances

    MOD NOTE: We are now going to have one thread for all of the inquiries for competitiveness, what are my chances, do I have a shot, can I get into ABC University, etc. Most of the other SDN forums have found success with having one thread, so we are going to adopt that going forward. 1. Please...
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    Where to go from here?--Clinical Psychology MA Program

    Hello, This is my first time posting a thread on here, so I'm not sure if I'm doing this right. I am in need of some advice. I am currently a 4th year undergrad student at UChicago and have a 3.1 cumulative GPA (3.4 Psychology) I have not taken my GRE yet, but intend to do so next summer, to...
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    GRE study partner

    Helo all, Anybody planning to do GRE this year..?? Looking for a study partnerin Houston area...!! I'm a beginner Will appreciate ur response Thanks
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    PhD/PsyD Questions for a PhD in psychology ?

    I've decided I will pursue a PhD degree in either social psychology or I/O psychology. So, now that I've decided on a career, i'm a bit confused as to what sort of path I would take in order to obtain a PhD in psychology. My main questions right now are as follows: 1.) I am planning on attending...
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    PhD/PsyD Job Posting For Those Looking To Spruce Up Their Resume

    Hi all! I know this is a stressful time for everyone and some people come on here who are looking to apply but haven't yet. One of the many things people talk about throughout the threads in this forum is the importance of research experience. For those who apply for clinical programs especially...
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    Pathways for changing careers: post-bacc and other options

    Hi All, As a 28-year old attempting a career transition, with mind my set on eventually getting a PhD in clinical psychology, I could use some advice about the options available to me. At this stage it seems that I need to beef up my experience to be even considered eligible for a Phd. program...
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    Pre-doctoral master's degree with research AND clinical experience!?

    Hi everyone, I ultimately want to go to a practice-oriented PhD program in clinical psych. I don't have any research experience, my GPA isn't great, and my GRE scores are average, so I want to get an MA/MS first. I need research experience to get into a PhD program down the line, but I also...