1. M

    GPR/AEGD Programs in AZ/CO

    Anyone know about the GPR/AEGD programs in AZ or CO? Looking to apply to these two states. Arizona seems to only be LMC AEGD programs without specific details about the individual programs. Colorado seems to have some good programs such as the dental school and the VA. Looking for more specific...
  2. R

    St. Joseph's Phoenix surgery residency

    Does anyone have RECENT data on st. joseph's general surgery residency program in phoenix? What's the program like, what are they known for, pros/cons? Former and current students, your input is much appreciated!!!
  3. AM732

    Looking for MCAT Study Partner in Phoenix/Tempe Area or Online

    Looking for an MCAT Study Partner in the Phoenix/Tempe Arizona State University Area. I have a variety of resources to share. Serious work ethic only, looking to study 6 hours + a day. If partner is still serious definitely would not mind studying online via Skype. Please let me know! Taking...
  4. M

    MCAT Study Partner in PHX

    Going to start studying the week of May 16 in PHX. Hmu or dm me if you're in the area and pysched to tackle this exam. More details upon request.
  5. A

    Providing Housing for Phoenix Rotations

    I am looking to provide a furnished bedroom for individuals doing clinical rotations in the Phoenix area this coming year. I am in the Northwest Valley so if you are interested please get in contact with me. Recently did a rotation in Dallas where I had to pay 1300 a month for housing due to the...