1. Fishy fish

    Secondary Photos 2x2?

    Does anyone know how I can resize a picture to 2"x2" without photoshop? I read on one of the posts that really they just want the picture to be square shaped. Is that true? P.S. i know this may be a silly question. Just want to double check!
  2. P

    Pharmacy interns!!!

    I'm confused about the intern process, why do we need to submit photos? Where does our info go? I appreciate your responses in advance! Confused :X 2. Does anyone know anything about intern jobs,like do we get enough intern hours in our rotations. What if we can't find a job then what? 3. Does...
  3. GBCrzzyy

    Professional Photos

    I've heard that some secondaries ask for a photo with the application so I was considering having my pictures done. My question is, if I'm wearing my outfit in the photos that I'm saving for interviews, would that be weird? Should I choose an outfit for the photos that I won't be wearing to any...
  4. F

    Uploading photos to secondary applications

    I pretty much have only seen people talking about getting passport-type photos... But I am planning on just uploading a selfie of me at work in which I am smiling. Looks friendly and recognizable. Also, 330 kb. Any reason not to do it? There is nothing professional about it, and even quality...