physical therapy certificate

  1. FLVettrain

    Pilates in Physical Therapy?

    I'm working in obtaining my certification in Pilates. Have you tried Pilates in Physcal Therapy? I know some clinics have this. There's Polestar which is Pilates towards Therapy. I had an injury and that's how I discovered the world of Pilates. I'd like to know your thoughts on the topic...
  2. J

    Investing in Physical Therapy Aide Certificate?

    Hello, The local community college is offering a Physical Therapy Aide Certificate. The details are: $499, 4 sessions - June 14 - June 23 - T, TH, 6-10PM I am interested in signing up for this to land a steady job. From what I found, their yearly salary is around $33,000. I am planning on...