physical therapy practice

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    Tampa FL, hiring PT and PTA (Pinellas, Pasco, Hillsborough).

    Now hiring physical therapists and PTAs in Tampa Bay, Florida! PT clinics are located inside the physician offices in our locations. We are growing at a rapid rate and are in need of more therapists and assistants. The PT/PTA will have direct access to the orthopedic surgeons for issues or...
  2. T

    Physical Therapist Learning Emergency Medicine

    I love all aspects of the medical field, but I feel like I would enjoy physical therapy the most because it allows me to have a family and get to spend time with them more than say emergency medicine or surgery. The only thing I think I wouldn't like is the fact that I wouldn't have the...
  3. DaveMillerDPT

    Building a Cash Practice

    Updates on the process of starting my own cash practice. I was asked to offer up what I know about starting a cash practice. For any interested, I invite you to ask any specific questions you might have. I will answer them as the come in. This may be the best way for me to tackle the subject...