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  1. J

    Marshall DPT school

    Hey guys, recent graduate and I got waitlisted at Marshall University for their physical therapy program and was wandering if anyone is a student of the program? If so how is it? What is your favorite thing about the program? What is your least or hardest class you’ve had? Any tips on excelling...
  2. P

    Low GPA Help/Tips

    Hey guys, One of the most common concerns of new applicants is what to do if they have a low gpa. Being newly accepted students, my best friend and I created a video that could possibly help! Please give it a watch and if you liked it, please like and subscribe! This is purely to help those...
  3. D

    Does your program allow you to take the NPTE prior to graduation?

    Hi everyone! I attend a school in the midwest and at this time we are not allowed to take the NPTE on the April test date as we don't graduate until May. I know myself and some of my classmates are motivated to find a job/travel position right after graduation and it would really be a setback...
  4. Cheezy89

    Anyone else experienced this in school?!

    I know this PT forum discussed serious topics but I wanted to share how funny things have been after I learn about the spine in 4 weeks. Currently learning about the hip, knee and ankle and it has been 3 weeks. One more week to go before final exam!
  5. Cheezy89

    THE TRANSITION TO PT SCHOOL! What you should know before starting!

    CONGRATS TO Y'ALL WHO GOT ACCEPTED! Now what? In this video I cover what you should expect or what you should do before you start school. Any other questions, let me know in the comment section!
  6. S

    University Health Insurance vs. APTA's Health Insurance

    This is a question for PT students who are not on a health plan under their parents and are looking for health insurance options as they start/go to school. I'm aware of the student insurance discussion happening on the pre pt page. However, I was wanting to ask about APTA's insurance for...