1. N

    How to be a physician-pilot and get enough hours of experience in both (HPSP? Civilian?)

    Hello, I also am really keen on being a physician-pilot because I love aviation and medicine but have no idea how to do so. I am set on becoming a doctor first so I was thinking about joining the Navy on HPSP (I went through MEPS with them already but haven't signed anything) and then becoming...
  2. whothat0

    How to indicate something you plan to do on dental school application?

  3. R

    How long can one defer residency after medical school?

    Hi, I’ve been unable to find an answer to this question after a lot of searching. I would like to know how long can one can defer residency after graduating from a US medical school. Long story short, I’m a third year medical student and I’m considering become an Air Force pilot and then...
  4. C

    Seeking Medical Students For Research Opportunity (Pilot Study)

    Research opportunity for medical students! We are inviting U.S. medical students to help us evaluate Clinical Encounters: Pain, a web/tablet application that creates and delivers case scenario-based, clinical training for students in the health professions. Students experience simulated patient...
  5. L

    RCAF Pilot vs Dentistry

    Hi there, so I've been having a little bit of a crisis as to what I want to pursue once I'm done my undergrad. Since I started university, and even before that, I had wanted to be a dentist. Mostly due to my orthodontist and how amazing my smile looked after my transformation from my (sorry for...
  6. S

    Private Pilot... Good Extracurricular?

    Hello, So yeah I know it sounds weird but I am currently working towards obtaining my private pilot's license. Flying has always been something I have enjoyed and I am finally learning how to do it myself! That being said I would not want to be a commercial pilot. I have been mulling over what...