1. A

    Resident Dinner and Learns

    Hi everyone, I hope this is OK to post. I am a consultant/coordinator for a new medical company that is aiming to help residents that have completed or are close to completing their residency take their next steps. One of the things I would like to coordinate is free monthly dinner and learns...
  2. SciClin

    My "core science" classes won't be graded? How will schools view this?

    This is quite a specific scenario, so I apologize if the (# of people helped) : (effort put in to answer question) ratio is rather small. My school allows students to take placement exams for nearly all "core science" classes. In short, I will not have the following classes on my transcript...
  3. W

    (Worried student) Speech Pathology Clinical Placement

    Hello to all the helpful people that will read this and take the time to answer. This is my first post so I apologise if it is in the wrong place. I am a Speech and Language Pathology student who is currently undergoing a block of clinical placements/rotations. Query: Yesterday when I was...
  4. S

    MSW How can I (prepare to) achieve my clinical specialty dreams (Mindfulness,adolescents)?

    I am planning on applying to (primarily online) MSW programs next year. I worry that my clinical interests (mindfulness with adolescents and young adults) won't be matched during MSW practicum. How can I create my own / find suitable opportunities? Thank you!
  5. J

    PhD/PsyD practicum decision

    Hi all! I need a little help making a decision for my 4th year prac. I will be applying for internship in November so I just want to make myself as competitive as possible for a hospital-type adult setting coming from a PsyD program. I have two practicum offers and there's no way I can do...
  6. NoodleDoc

    MIT Placement Exams

    Hi all! I'm a prefrosh headed off to MIT this Fall, and I have a few quick questions (especially for MIT premeds out there). I'm a bit conflicted on whether or not to take MIT's placement exams, also known as the ASEs. I know the material in Intro. to Biology (7.01x), Principles of Chem...