plant biology

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    Undergrad Research Topic-Medicinal Plants/Infertility

    My gen chem professor has been sent several plants from Zambia, Africa by an MD friend of his who wanted students to look into the plants' medicinal properties, specifically treating infertility. Unfortunately the plants have already been processed for research (some are in powder form). Also we...
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    Biology section: taxonomy/plant anatomy

    Hello everyone, I have been studying to retake the DAT in June and while I feel like much of the material should be straight forward, I am having some difficulty with the taxonomy and plant anatomy portion of biology (working out of Cliff's AP Bio). I just wanted to know how much of this...
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    Plant genetics research good for medical school?

    Hello, New member here. I'm an undergrad student and UC Davis and I wanted to use this forum to find information that's not readily available online and know what others' past experienced have been like. That being said, I have been extended the opportunity today for an internship in plant...