pm&r swap

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    Position Swap Anyone switching/dropping out of a PM&R program??

    curious to know if anyone is a current pgy-1 and plans on switching out or dropping out of their PM&R program that would start PGY-2 in July 2020. Thanks!
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    Position Swap Family medicine intern looking to swap for PM&R

    Hello, Family medicine intern in Southern California looking to swap for a pgy2 position in PM&R starting in July 2020. Thanks!
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    Position Wanted Wanted: Looking for PM&R pgy-2 starting in July 2020

    Hello! Current family med intern looking for an open spot in PM&R as a pgy2 starting July 2020. I am currently a family medicine intern at a program out in sunny California. Let me know if there are any openings or if anyone wants to switch!!
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    Position Wanted PGY2, PM&R spot for 2018, any location

    Would love the chance to apply to any PGY2 spots open for 2018. Starting a transitional year in June.
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    Position Swap PM&R PGY2

    Trying to find a PGY2 PM&R spot in the midwest for family reasons. Please PM me if you have one available/want to swap!
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    PM&R swap

    Hi, I'm trying to move to the midwest for family reasons. Would anyone be willing to swap a PGY2 position from the east coast? Thanks...pm me :)