1. K.Ar.I.Na

    Doctor and Police Officers

    Alright so this is my first time posting to the forums so bear with me. I am currently in medical school and my fiance has just been accepted to the police academy. Though I'm so proud of him for accomplishing his dreams and goals, I'm a little afraid for our future. As you guys know cops and...
  2. The Buff OP

    I'm thinking of becoming a police officer.

    Hey y'all, for starters I wanted to be a cop before I even thought about medical school. I ended up going the medicine route (EMT, pre-med) after a life event that made me love medicine. I'm posting this in the non-trad side so older people can give their POV or if they have gone this route. I...
  3. Mecidimes

    Sabbaticals in Emergency Medicine

    Hey everyone, M2 here with a question for currently-practicing EM physicians. As an ER doctor, would you ever have a reasonable opportunity to go on an extended sabbatical to get another degree? For instance, I have heard of a handful of ER doctors who went to the six-summat months of police...