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  1. S

    Post Residency Options Canadian doing US FM Residency

    Hello, First year FM resident in the US. Here on a J-1 visa. Both wife and I are from Canada and would like to move back after completing residency. Lots of Canadians in residency with me under similar circumstances and are hoping to hear from some who have gone this route. Getting a...
  2. Pakku-man

    Are there physicians that practice general IM and their specialty?

    Hello everyone. Taking money out of the equation (obviously a procedure based specialty will be making quite a bit more than a general internist), do some specialist advertise and practice general internal medicine in the outpatient setting. To emphasize my point, say I specialized into...
  3. I

    Any other board certified physicians complete a US residency, practice, then do a second residency?

    As the title says, I completed my residency in the US, became board certified, and have been practicing for a bit. I am well trained and well-rounded - not just in terms of my field. Now, I am looking to retrain in another field for personal reasons. Has anyone else been in this position and/or...