1. P

    $300 Pronto Pass 2018 for sale

    I bought pronto pass to study for naplex a few months ago and barely used it. But I passed :) PM me if you want it. $300
  2. P

    SELLING ProntoPass 2017

    I failed Naplex the first time with an embarrassingly low score. The second time, using pronto pass, I passed with 3 digits. COMBO for sale. Compounding, QUICKCARDS, Posters, Math Cards. $300 Great resource. Will DEFINITELY help you pass.
  3. PharmDcandidate

    PharmPrep MPJE Study Group

    Hi everyone! We wanted to create a place where students studying for the MPJE exams can connect with other students in their area and form study groups, share study tips and compare notes. To avoid loss of your license, do NOT post copyrighted material (e.g., from any of the Prep Course Books)...
  4. S

    PNN and Prontopass Math

    I have the current version of PNN lecture book, quiz book and chart book for sell for $300 Prontopass Math cards for $75 (includes shipping)
  5. J

    Selling: ProntoPass 2016 Combo (compounding, math, QUICKCARDS, posters, CD)

    Passed the New Naplex with a score of 95, very visual learner- these were great to supplement the RX Prep textbook & very easy to review! Great condition, flashcardsvisual not folded, in rubber band separated categories. Included: -ProntoPass® QUICKCARDS® with Memoronics® NAPLEX® (67 topics...
  6. RxPrepTeam

    DISCOUNTED Group RxPrep Book

  7. I

    For Sale Prontopass WA MPJE

    2016 Prontopass WA MPJE for resale for $75 not including shipping and handling. Cards and everything in good condition.
  8. H

    For Sale ProntoPass Math Cards, Quickcards Cards, New Quickcard Summary, Audio CD

    I used these and just passed Naplex April 2016 ProntoPass Quickcards (rubber banded together for each disease state) purchased 12/2014 Brand NEW Quickcard Summary Math practice Quickcards ($139 value-) plus printed off SDN 120 questions and answers *Free Audio CD question and answer Payed a...
  9. A

    ProntoPass Combo Package - $199

    Combo Package Includes; 1. NAPLEX Review Quick Cards 2. NAPLEX Review Posters 3. Audio CD Poster Quizzes 4. Math Quick Cards In good condition. Free Shipping. Price is Negotiable. Contact show contact info