1. Zebro

    Writing June 2? Opinions Needed!

    Hey everyone, I am writing on June 2, and want to know if everyone thinks that is still a good idea. Looking to get a 508-512 AAMC FL1 126, 122, 127, 127 for a 502- took a while ago and bombed CARS, been working my butt off since to fix it w/ the AAMC Q packs, which I didn't even open before...
  2. pinklimediluted

    How do I study MCAT P/S without Anki?

    Throughout my entire academic career, flashcards have NEVER worked for me. This is one of the reasons why I struggle in courses that require pure memorization. I get much better results when I read the book or create logical flow charts/diagrams. The reason I mention this is because everyone...