psychiatric practice

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    Psychiatric specialist/ advice

    Hello to all of you wonderful doctors, I have some important questions whose answers will have a dramatic impact on my decision. So I am asking you to put some comments and give me some advice. I am a 30-year old guy ( single ) holding a master degree in Biomedical engineering. Although I am...
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    Advice needed!

    I am a graduated high school student recently returned from a two year volunteer mission in Scandinavia and will be starting my university education this summer. As of right now I am torn between psychology and psychiatry, but leaning towards psychiatry. I have about 4 months before I begin...
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    Office space for rent for Psychiatrist(s) in future group practice (NC)

    Looking for a Psychiatrist to share group office space either part-time or full-time. This could also be an opportunity for several Psychiatrists (and/or PA, Psychiatric RN) to share the space during alternating times to make this more cost efficient. Would love for a provider to enjoy the...