psychology licensure

  1. foreverbull

    Is "psychologist" protected or usable in all branches?

    Quick question for folks, since textbooks and the internet seem to disagree about what constitutes a "psychologist" in the U.S., and I'd like clarification. According to a few of my intro textbooks, you can be a "developmental psychologist," "social psychologist," "experimental psychologist,"...
  2. J

    Can you be a Psychologist with a criminal record?

    I am now a psychology major and I was curious if this is career is worth pursuing due to my criminal record. When I was 18 years old I was beat up and stalked by a male in my school. The police told me that I was wasting their time by calling the police every time I was followed. The police...
  3. N

    PhD/PsyD State Licensure Reciprocity

    Hi, I am currently completing post-doc hours in Wisconsin but strongly considering relocating to Arizona, Texas, or Georgia. I have reviewed their state psychology licensure requirements, however, some of the websites do not mention reciprocity (Arizona in particular). Does anyone know how to...