1. UH Psych

    University of Hawaii Psychiatry

    Aloha everyone, I wanted to introduce our program's joint SDN account with this general information thread. We hope to engage the SDN community and answer as many questions as we can regarding our program for the years to come. As a current resident, I will be primarily responding to posts...
  2. I

    Berkeley Review (TBR) Q&A

    I wanted to start a thread specifically for questions on TBR. I hope it's helpful :). So I'll start, I came across a practice questions that said "In both the E and Z isomers of an alkene, the atoms directly bonded to the alkene carbons are all coplanar" The explanation says "Because the...
  3. N

    Resident/fellow/physician mini interview!

    for any and all residents/Fellows/practicing physicians: What is your specialty? What drew you to your specialty? How does your specialty help you grow as a person or challenge you intellectually? What is your weekly schedule like? Favorite thing about your particular specialty? Are you...