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    Free (Giving away) Pass machine $100 discount code

    $100 discount code on Pass Machine for boards prep for many, many specialities. See here for a full list: https://www.thepassmachine.com/# Referral/discount code: AMB54953 Feel free to message me if this doesn't work and I'll help you figure it out. FS
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    Looking for study partner(s) written and oral exams

    My best learning experiences have been in study groups. It's been a while but I would like to set up a study group for the plastic surgery boards starting now for the written exam and extending through the oral exam. We'd use Skype +/- phone. If anyone has experience with the exam and...
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    IMG, chances in residency ?

    Hi all, I am new to this forum and I don't know exactly where I should post my questions so ill post them here I am a final year medical student from Jordan "6 year program" expected to get my "MBBS" degree very soon I took the MCCEE exam a month ago and honestly I didn't prepare very well...