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    Rec Letters

    Currently I have a rec letter from an MD family physician, a physics professor, and my school's committee letter. I was wondering if this is enough or do I need to follow the general rule of two science professors and 1 non-science professor? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks,
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    Dental School Recommendation Letters?

    Hello All, I am currently a senior in college aiming to apply for the upcoming Dental cycle. I was just wondering if anybody knows how many rec letters are required to apply or even if there is a website that has every schools requirement? Anything will help! Thanks!
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    Letters of Rec through a committee and separately?

    For my application, would I be able to send another recommendation separate from the letters of recommendation that comes with my committee rec?
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    How to get Letter of Rec whenever taking two years off???

    I am a graduating senior and waiting until the summer to study for my DAT and applying in the next June 2017 cycle. I only have 3 more months at school so I need to gather my letter of recs now. Since I am not applying now, where do I tell my professors/dentist to send the letter too. Is there a...