recruitment fair

  1. R

    Univeristy of Arizona Cardiology Recruitment- Town Hall

    The University of Arizona College of Medicine- Tucson will be hosting a virtual town hall next week for prospective applicants to learn more about our Cardiovascular Disease Fellowship Program. Interested in learning more? Join us on July 7th at 5:00PM (PST) for our Fellowship Recruitment Town...
  2. UNCafDDS

    ADEA Recruitment Fair - beneficial/worth it to attend?

    I am hoping to attend the ADEA Recruitment Fair on 3/17. For anyone who has been: 1. Did you find it worthwhile? 2. How do you think it helped you in the application process? 3. Any other advantages of going? 4. If I attend, how can I make the most of the event? 5. How many admissions...
  3. A

    FAQ on med school affirmative action and URM recruitment from an adcom member (emeritus)

    Dear members of the SDN community, I am an internist with over three decades of experience on medical school admissions committees. As I am recently retired from this particular duty I can speak freely here, and give some insight into the workings of affirmative action among those of us who...
  4. Mr.Smile12

    ADEA Predental Student Virtual Fair today

    ADEA Predental Student Virtual Fair today at 11am ET until 9pm ET. Have all your questions asked by health professions advisors, admissions officers, current dental students, and many ADEA administrators who work with applicants.