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    Asking for Advice About Loan Repayment Strategy

  2. Filius

    Canadian federal loans: worse rates than bank lines of credit?

    Hi all, Canadian wrapping up med school in the States---took all my loans out from: (1) Canada Student Loans: prime + 2.5% (2) Alberta Student Loans: prime + 0% (3) TD line of credit: prime rate + 0% (!!) Now that I'll (almost) be making an income again, it's time to start figuring out a...
  3. GradSchoolLoans

    Do I have to make student loan payments while in residency?

    GradSchoolLoans.com allows for you to defer all payments while in residency.
  4. GradSchoolLoans

    How much money can I save with refinancing my student loan debt?

    GradSchoolLoans.com calculates that on average each medical student, resident student, fellow or doctor can save about $26,000.
  5. GradSchoolLoans

    When can I refinance my medical student loan debt?

    GradSchoolLoans.com allows for medical students to refinance their student loan debt as soon as they match into Residency.
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