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    Where do I apply?! 3.88, 505 MCAT

    Hi I am trying to decide where to apply for MD medical schools. Where should I apply with these credentials and have a good chance of being accepted? GPA: 3.88 MCAT: 505 Extracurricular: College cheerleader/mascot Leadership: Assistant Director of a refugee soccer league Cancer Kid Camp...
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    Help with refugees

    Does anyone have ideas for how premed and medical students can help with refugees either in the US or abroad? Anyone know any non profits that I could get involved with?
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    Any chance with low CARS?

    Hey everyone, New member here, but been lurking for some time. Would appreciate opinions regarding my chances with current MCAT score. Brief history: Came as a refugee during senior year in high school, went to community college, transferred to a 4 yr institution, graduated 2015. GPA (This is...