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    Foreign Undergrad, First Year in Foreign Med School, Applying to US Med School

    Hi! I'm in a bit of a complicated situation and would like to get as much advice as I can get. I finished my undergraduate degree in Biology in the Philippines. Wanting to avoid taking out loans for both undergrad and medical school, I applied for a medical school in the same country and got...
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    Effects of Repeating first year?

    What effects would repeating your first year have on your potential residency chances and choices if you're thinking about EM? I just need peace of mind, so this uncertainty doesn't keep distracting me.
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    MCAT Taking the MCAT again

    Repeat Test Taker: Second/Third/Fourth Time's a Charm? Preparing for the MCAT for months, finally sitting to take it, then waiting an agonizing and nightmare-filled month just to open your Thx report to find you need to repeat the exam can be devastating. Anyone who tells you differently is...