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    JOB APPLICANTS NEEDED: NIH Funded Research Associate/Research Coordinator Position

    APPLY AT Research Coordinator The Psychophysiology Laboratory for Affective Neuroscience (PLAN; PLAN ) in the University of Tulsa’s Department of Psychology is accepting applications for a full-time Research Associate / Research Coordinator. The position will assist with a 5-year NIH/NCCIH...
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    Gap year choices

    Hi I am currently finishing up a year as a Fulbright to the United Kingdom where I am obtaining my MPH. I will be applying next cycle and will therefore have two gap years. I have two offers that I am considering and would like peoples thoughts. The first offer is an IRTA (intramural research...
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    Year off research experience help

    Hi all, Eventually, I want to become a pediatric neuropsychologist. I am graduating soon and beginning to look for a full-time research position to begin sometime in the middle of July. I am hoping to provide assistance in some kind of clinical research specifically studying neurodevelopment...
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    Research Coordinator, Department of Psychology, Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA

    Applicants are being sought for one research coordinator position in the Laboratory for Innovations in Health-Related Behavior Change, Department of Psychology at Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA, under the direction of Meghan Butryn, Ph.D. Dr. Butryn is conducting multiple NIH-funded...
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    PhD/PsyD Job Posting For Those Looking To Spruce Up Their Resume

    Hi all! I know this is a stressful time for everyone and some people come on here who are looking to apply but haven't yet. One of the many things people talk about throughout the threads in this forum is the importance of research experience. For those who apply for clinical programs especially...