research coordinator

  1. S

    Applying to MSTP (MD-PhD) Programs Advice?

    I plan on applying to MD/PhD schools cycle 2022-2023. Hi guys, I just wanted to post this hear for feedback on how I should improve my application before I apply (will be applying in 2022), as well as any advice anyone has. I've put my stats down below and if anyone could give some advice, it...
  2. Superrambo

    Mentioning medical school at research job interview?

    I am scheduled to interview soon for a "clinical research coordinator job" at a big name University which has a large medical school and teaching campus. I have very little research experience but good clinical work, so I am surprised they interviewed me but I'm very thankful. When they ask what...
  3. C

    Research Coordinator Job Opening - Drexel University WELL Center

    Applicants are being sought for a half-time or full-time research coordinator position in the WELL Center (an expansion of the Laboratory for Innovations in Health-Related Behavior Change) at Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA, under the direction of Dr. Evan Forman. Drs. Forman, Butryn, and...