research grant

  1. SimoneHCollins

    Grant to help you start a company

    If any of you have a desire to start anything a little bigger than just a private practice or are mastering out and want to double down on your dreams, I recently put together a grant program aimed to help people in your position. As things stand it is just a pilot project, but it could be...
  2. L

    Specific questions regarding a DO-PhD for neuro

    I've browsed through a lot of the threads on the differences between a DO and an MD, why anyone would ever want to do a DO-PhD instead of an MD-PhD, why you would even bother with the PhD when as a physician you can do academic research anyways, etc...And I don't feel like my questions have been...
  3. Y

    HHMI Medical Fellowship Questions

    I've been thinking about applying for a year long HHMI medical fellowship for this upcoming cycle and after much lurking I decided to come out and ask some of the relevant questions I've been having. My research interests are more oriented towards computational research in things like robotics...