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  1. F

    Checkbox mentality

    *A long post... You might want to get a glass of Coke and popcorn to enjoy while reading this*:laugh: Hey fellow SDNers! I've recently spent a lot of time contemplating what new ECs I should start and I wanted to discuss it here with all of you! So here's my thing; I want to start something...
  2. ThatGuy15

    PhD/PsyD School Reputation or Quality of Research?

    Hello, everyone! I am a senior at New York University, and I am planning to pursue a career as a clinical neuropsychologist. Before applying to any Ph.D. programs in clinical psychology, I would first like to make my application more competitive. Despite my GPA being above a 3.5, I have no...
  3. F

    Biology student but computational research only

    Hi guys, so I'm confused if this would seem odd on the AMCAS or to any medical school. I am currently a 3rd year human biology major but all my research experience includes using excel, gene pattern, heat map generators, R studio, and mainly collecting data from TCGA (The Cancer Genome Atlas)...