1. lachea7223

    How to classify a caregiving experience in the application?

    Hi everyone! I recently spent four months,12/7, in the ICU and LTAC to care for both of my grandparents. I'm unsure which category this would be under since it is only like a semi-clinical experience per se, but more of a shadowing experience or moral obligation. I did spend tons of time...
  2. A

    Behavioral Health burnout and resilience community

    Repeating 8 week Zoom series with national experts in resilience Join in any week, or all, to be together about this Weekly workgroup/listening sessions to create community. Exploring behavioral health work in this era. Followed by every other week rounds/presentation on resilience topic CME...
  3. D

    Reflection: Pain Is a Vital Sign

    Working to improve healthcare, I still don't look forward to being a patient—especially not unexpectedly. Here's a personal reflection on life and leadership following my medical episode. I hope you find it valuable. Reflection: Pain Is a Vital Sign
  4. S


    Hi there! I am conducting a research study internationally as part of my masters thesis. It focuses on mental health outcomes and resilience and only takes about 10 minutes of your time. The study has received full ethical approval from the UCC board of ethics. If you are over 18 and have a few...
  5. Iconic Bond

    Resilience secondary essay

    Hey guys, I just finished up an essay I was planning on using to answer the overcoming challenges prompt on most of my secondaries and I was looking to see if anyone could give me some feedback.