1. sighingoutloud

    Registered Respiratory Therapist to Medical School?

    Hello, I am a RRT and I am wondering if anyone has made the move from RRT to later become a MD? Is it possible? How did you do it? Does having experience as a RRT help with getting in? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I am 25, 3.5 GPA with a BS in Ex. Physiology (waste of time) and a...
  2. T

    Free Pulmonary/Respiratory Notes

    Hello all. I’m a medical student that strives to take the best quality notes. Thus, I have decided to share them with others beyond my classmates. I have compiled my notes from the respiratory/pulmonary unit into four ebooks. For the next couple of days (until Monday 9/13), my ebooks will be...
  3. A

    Anatomical Dead Space

    How does anatomical dead space vary? I thought that it is a fixed volume in a person. Is it due to the size of the subject - i.e. larger means greater anatomical dead space? And is the reason physiological dead space can't be measured directly because you need to know both anatomical and...
  4. R

    Chinese Physician Finished An Impossible Surgery

    October 10th, 2016, in Sanmenxia, Henan, China, because the large hemoptysis might cause asphyxia, a 23-year-old-patient, Zhang, was sent to the ICU. The CT of patient’s chest shows that there are foreign matters in her lung. Her physician Chaoqian Yuan and chief physician Shelu Chu asked her...
  5. StrongBeliever

    Is my understanding on the negativity of intrapleural pressure CORRECT?

    so in my textbook it says, 'intrapleural pressure is more negative in the apex of the lung than in the base'. Now cos the alveoli in the apex is larger, there's less space in the intrapleural space, and therefore the pressure within the intrapleural space increases or 'more negative'? From...
  6. A

    Can someone explain this

    “How would our respiratory systems adjust if we moved to higher altitudes where less oxygen is available? First, we would breathe more rapidly to try to avoid hypoxia; second, the binding dynamics of hemoglobin to oxygen would be altered to facilitate the unloading of oxygen at the tissues. As...
  7. D

    Health Science Career Path Questions

    Hello: I have a few questions to ask and any information provided would be greatly appreciated. 1. I plan on entering an AS in Respiratory Care program this upcoming fall so that I may become a Respiratory Therapist. If I plan on getting a more advanced degree in the future would getting a...
  8. Z

    Respiratory physiology questions

    I am having a lot of trouble developing a coherent picture of lung physiology which in turn is making it difficult to understand lung pathophysiology. Here is a list of questions I have been compiling...maybe someone will have some insight. 1. If I drop pleural pressure without allowing air to...