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    Rosalind Franklin University Pre-matriculation program 2021-2022

    Has anyone applied to this program ?
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    MD What are my chances of getting in off the waitlist?

    I'm currently on 2 waitlists hoping to hear back after traffic day. I'd appreciate advice on plans moving forward and my chances of getting off the waitlist. What is your advice moving forward/chances of acceptance next month?
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    Rosalind Franklin vs Indiana

    Hey I got accepted to Indiana and Rosalind Franklin. I am very excited about both schools. I am just unsure where I should go? Any help?
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    I'm noticing a lot of OUWB vs discussions out there lately but I'll add mine anyway. Essentially, I was wowed by the OUWB community, especially the faculty and staff. They really seemed to have their sht together on interview day and wholly invested in making sure their students were happy and...
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    I know there have been other threads, but none within the past year or so. I have acceptances to both schools and I'm really having a hard time deciding. I initially got 4 DO offers and was ready to assume that as my future, but then I got one MD offer, that I didn't really consider getting at...