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    Little to No Hope

    Hi everyone, I'll start off about my background. I live in California, in Orange County. I've recently been bummed out about my Overall GPA(2.75) and my SAT Scores(1050). They are incredibly low to the point where I can't even apply to UC's. But, through it all, I want to be a dermatologist in...
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    Advice for long-term residency roadmap as an IMG

    Long time reader, but I rarely post so I apologize if this post is in the wrong section. I am a Canadian student that will be beginning a 4-year program at an Irish med school starting this September. I am thinking about a career in a surgical specialty. I'm not 100% sure which one but my...
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    Critique my roadmap to a competitive residency as an IMG

    Hey everyone, long time lurker first time poster here! I am a medical student from Turkey and I want to continue with my medical education in the US, including residency and fellowships. The system here is 6 years - 3 years preclinical, 2 years clinical and 1 year internship. I'm in my second...