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  1. L

    Large dog and airplanes

    Hello, I wanted to ask a question to the students living in Ross University about how they took their pets and the airlines they used. I have a 40 pound husky and if I get into veterinary school I want to know my options on how to take her. Has anyone had experience with this? Especially taking...
  2. schnauzerlover94

    Ross University August 2019

    Didn’t see a thread for this and I have some questions. I am specifically looking to talk to a current Ross student who has a dog on the island. If you match the description and are willing to talk with me let me know! I would be very grateful!
  3. P

    Ross vet school- Traveling with your dog

    Hello! I will be attending Ross in January and was wondering if anyone here has experience traveling from the state to Ross with their dog and have any tips/advice? Thanks!