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    EK Set and In-Class books: TPR Books

    Hi everyone, I got into medical school and no longer need these books. Payments and shipping costs will be processed via Paypal or venmo. All prices include shipping. SELLING: I am selling all the books listed in the pictures, which includes: The Princeton Review (TPR) TPR MCAT Science...
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    For Sale The Princeton Review MCAT set *NEW* 2016 edition Plus....

    includes in class compendium with answers and the SCIENCE WORKBOOK~ SELLING FOR 80$ PLUS SHIPPING text at 954 496 1126 for details and shipping info.
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    For Sale .

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    Selling 2015 TPR Science Workbook & NS Psych/Soc. practice book!

    Like New 2015 TPR Science Workbook- 100$+shipping. Like New 2015 Next Step Psychology & Sociology Strategy & Practice-20$+shipping. Absolutely No writing or highlighting in these books. The TPR has 100s of passages. NS has 40 passages. PM me or text/call to purchase.
  5. kitkat13

    For Sale Selling BRAND NEW 2015 TPR books! inc science workbook

    Hi! PM me for any of these books! All are 2015 and unwritten in · MCAT 2015 In-Class Compendium -only comes with signing up for the class! -270 pages of passages + answers! (science & CARS) ·MCAT 2015 Science Workbook -only comes with TPR class -700+ pages of practice passages + answers...