self assessment

  1. medstu19

    Uworld Step 1 Self-assessment #2

    Not sure if there's a demand for this but I have a UWorld self-assessment I never used from my step 1 studying. It hasn't expired yet so if someone wants it, I'd be happy to pass it along somehow.
  2. purpleortholady

    USMLE Best NBME for first assessment

    I've gone through Kaplan and first aid once. Which nbme should I take to assess myself first time. I learnt some are more predictive than others.
  3. S

    New USMLE STEP 1 practice exams from Firecracker

    I know of the UWSA 1 and 2, and of course the NBME practice exams, but I was just curious if anyone took the new Firecracker practice exams, and what did you think of them? Thanks.