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    Specialties for a single dad?

    I’m an undergrad right now on the pre med track. I really want to pursue a specialty that would allow me to raise children on my own while still earning enough to support them. I’d really like to have kids through adoption/surrogacy in my early thirties, so soon after I finish residency...
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    CRIMINAL RECORD to SINGLE MOM and med student possible?

    Hi I will be 25-26 when I apply to medical school, I'm 24 now. When I was 18 I got into an altercation with my older sister which, although it did not result in injury to either her or I, did result in my being charged with a misdemeanor (menacing 2nd degree) for making an offhand comment along...
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    To be a Health Science vs Biology major....?

    I just got accepted to CSUF for fall 2016 as a Biology major. :) I am not someone with a lot of time to just focus on school only. I have a 6 year old son & I work part-time to be able to go to school. I want to do Pharmacy school later down the road. Is biology a very tough major? Should I...