skype study

  1. iamironman

    CS partner in Houston needed (AMG only)

    I am taking my CS on Feb 28, 2017. Anybody in Houston want to prepare live at kaplan center or on skype please reply. We can make up the solid plan together. Thanks.
  2. M

    mcat study group 2016---skype

    if you like to join an online mcat study group on skype. this is the place to connect those who want to study, go over exams, passages, content, and any questions. this is the where one another can support each other with their own knowledge, resources, and bundle.
  3. DoctressM

    MCAT STUDY BUDDY 2015-2016 Online or in Person. Los Angeles Area

    I should start with I work full time. Office hours, 9-5 kinda thing. I also volunteer twice a week. Having a hard time finding motivation to study for the new mcat. I took the old one and got 10-10-7. I have PDFs of EK, TPR, and Kaplan. I also created my own schedule. what i need help with is...