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    DAT Destroyer organic chemistry #67

    The question asks which reagents would be best to make isobutanol into isobutyl chloride. "SOCl2, Pyridine" was the correct answer. I chose an answer that included that along with HCl, but apparently HCl is wrong. The solution says that a shift would occur with HCl to give 2-chloro-2-methyl...
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    A 3 Month Plan for the MCAT

    Presented here is a 3 month plan to tackle the new 2015 MCAT. June is almost here, and I have received many requests for the same advice (i.e. "how do I study for the new MCAT?"). I'm writing this in the same spirit that the SN2 Guide to the older MCAT was written. However, I am not posting a...
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    MCAT SN2 full study set for sale

    These are all the materials I used to self study using SN2 study schedule over the course of 4 months, allowing me to score above 510 on the new MCAT. $300 + shipping Venmo Includes: Berkeley Review 2012: Physics I & II Biology I & II (Biochemistry is covered in II) General Chemistry I & II...