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    Psych/Soc Courses Required for 2017 Applicants?

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    P/S Section Bank Questions

    Hello, As you may know, the explanations in the AAMC questions suck. So if people want to use this thread for answering P/S section bank related questions that would be great! I would be thankful if people can explain these questions to me: 9) Am I supposed to know that IQ tests are...
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    Would you retake these scores?

    format: section: score (percentile) Chemical/Physical Foundations: 129 (93%) Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills: 126 (70%) Biological/Biochemical Foundations: 128 (87%) Psych/Soc (get ready to cringe): 123 (32%) Overall: 506 (71%) The chem and bio scores are amazing, but I got brought down...