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  1. A

    Common Ion Solubility

    I am getting confused on this concept. Everywhere says that Common Ions decrease solubility. Yet in this problem, Ksp of PbCl2 is 1.6x10-5. What is the solubility of PbCl2 in .01 M KCl? The solubility is .16 M. So wouldn't that mean that common ions make the solubility increase?
  2. weanprednisone

    Benzophenone in Hexane vs. Methyl Alcohol

    Question: Is benzophenone more soluble in MetOH or Hexane? Answer: Benzophenone dissolves faster in MetOH than in Hexane. Benzophenone is a ketone, making it polar, but majorly nonpolar with two phenyl rings. If we would put these in terms of fractions, I would say that this molecule is 3/4...
  3. weanprednisone

    Solubility and Miscibility Question

    Question: What is the reason why methylene chloride is miscible in Hexane? My reasoning is #2 below: Methylene Chloride is a polar molecule due to the 2 dipole-dipole interactions bonds (C-Cl) -|-> Hexane is a nonpolar molecule due to the dispersion/london/vdw forces. 1. Peers say they are...