southern california

  1. O

    Ventura County

    We are hiring. Old applicants are welcome to renew their applications. This time we are serious. The former partner who wanted his job back after he graduated from rehab has now dropped his suit against us, and we are embarking in a new chapter. We are under new leadership and look forward...
  2. Stevenn

    San Diego area pay

    Hey fellow pharmacists! I’m a pharmacist who currently work in retail (chain) in Metro Atlanta area. I’m planning to move to San Diego area within the next year and was wondering about the pay. My current salary is $60.5/hour for staff position and I know the pay would be different based on the...
  3. S

    Need Step 2 CS study partner in central Cali or Skype

    Hello, I am taking my step 2 CS in September. Looking for a female study partner that is taking the CS around the same time in September 2017. I am currently in Santa Barbara, California but if you are in Oxnard/Ventura/Camarillo/Goleta/Los Olivos/Solvang, etc... We can meet up a few times a...
  4. M

    MA/MS Best MFT/MSW Programs in California

    Hello all, I'm curious to hear the experiences of graduates on this forum. I am going back to school with the intent of pursuing a MSW or more likely, MFT in Southern California with the desire to eventually open a private practice, maybe pursue doctorate studies later. Here are some schools I...
  5. I

    $80 - Kaplan DAT Materials - Unused - (Riverside, CA)

    I bought this back in 2012 but the study material should be for the same test content. These are Kaplan materials that come with the $1000+ course in unused, brand new condition, so this is a steal. Kaplan Review Notes Book - LOTS of concise review material that hits key points Kaplan DAT...
  6. SpineBound

    California QME

    I took the QME exam in April with about 300 other people (DC, psychologists, acupuncturists, MDs) and just found out I passed along with 45 other people in the southern California testing center. So be aware that there is a low pass rate. I have been approached by several companies who offered...
  7. CardsDMDOMS

    Practicing on the West Coast

    Any help is appreciated. I am graduating dental school soon and will be doing a 1 year GPR which gives IV sedation competency. My significant other and I will be looking for places to settle down, and SoCal is desirable. - Is Southern California actually as hard of a place to practice as...
  8. rollingstone27

    Applying for Emergency Medicine away rotations in Southern California?

    I’m starting VSAS now for emergency medicine. Do students normally get accepted to the schools they apply? I’d like to do a rotation at UCLA, but not sure if I should apply to back-ups. How many applications do students normally submit for Southern California schools? I am going to med school...
  9. Crito

    Kaiser Med School in Southern California

    http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-kaiser-school-of-medicine-20151217-story.html Thoughts?