step 2 cs mistakes

  1. RHL ONE

    Step 2 CS January 2020 Score Release

    Anyone else waiting for score release on January 29th 2020? 7.5 weeks is a long time especially when you made dumb mistakes on the exam and you begin doubting if you truly passed or not. This wait is a killer.
  2. PickleRick19

    Step 2 CS Concern

    I don't want this to turn into another Step 2 CS freak-out post (I took it a few weeks ago), but I have a general question about Step 2 CS. I'm NOT posting anything specific about it as I don't want to violate any rules. My question: are we or are we not supposed to do a physical exam on...
  3. quincyfuturemd

    Waiting for CS scores...

    I know there are alot of these but currently going crazy and will do whatever to help myself and potentially others. Took CS not that long ago, felt ok (not great) coming out and now starting to think of more and more mistakes, some small and some not so small. I know everyone goes through...
  4. M

    Just passed Step 2 CS after failing the first time

    I am an AMG who hasn't done amazing in medical school but has been average/slightly above average. H's and HP's throughout M3 and M4 years, average on Step 1, above average on Step 2 CK, and never had any issues with any OSCE's. Took Step 2 CS in November 2018 and was shocked when I found out in...
  5. C

    STEP 2 CS 2017 _ definitely failing

    Hey everyone, here's yet another Step 2 CS freakout US med student. Did fine in clerkships and Step 1. Took CS July 2017. Pretty sure I bombed the crap out of it - specifically the ICE section. I'm not sure what exactly goes into grading, but here's hoping it's fairly lenient. Like many other...
  6. 1

    USMLE Step 2CS Score Release June 28th

    Hey everyone! Who here is counting down to the opening of the CS reporting period on Wednesday June 28th? How are you all feeling???
  7. J

    Step 2 CS mistakes, need feedback

    Hi, So I'm in that phase right now where I've already just recently given the test. but now I'm under the impression that it wasn't as easy I thought it was after coming out of the exam. 1. First case, I didn't get to do a closure. 2. In one patient note, I left out the whole allergies, meds...