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    Most popular beginner guide and last minute review guide before your Step 2 CS exam. Students rave about the concise nature of the book. Only 77 pages! Has all you need to pass Step 2 CS. Perfect go along notes with the online video tutorial 7 Easy Steps 2 CS. Free access to the Handbook...
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    To enter the raffle, please leave a comment on this thread. 7 Easy Steps 2 CS takes you through the process of step 2 CS preparation in a step by step fashion. It is an organized approach to an exam that involves an efficient display of your knowledge in under 15 minutes. Pick any 3 Steps among...
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    Please enter to win - Free Online Video Tutorials Access for '7 Easy steps 2 CS'* 30 days valued at $300 value A winner will be chosen by the SDN team from those who respond to this question: Who grades the ICE component of the Step 2 CS exam ? 1. Standardized patient and physician 2...
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    step 2 cs partner live or skype wanted (Boston)

    Hi, I will take exam on 26th July. Live boston study partner or skype partner wanted, ASAP. Want to practice at least 2hrs/d, better 5-6hrs/d. I'm a Chinese Medical Graduate in internal medicine, working in Singapore before, English fluent, prefer AMG. Thank you!