step ii

  1. S

    I need cs partner Florida Fort Lauderdale

    Hey everyone, I failed my first attempt to past step 2cs, I took step 1 and 2 ck I passed it we a good score I never failed in anything, but I fail in 2 cs, my problem was SPE I'm an English course and I'm doing a observe to improve my english, I really need help, I thought I did it well enough...
  2. RockDoc28

    COMLEX COMLEX Level II PE 2017

    Hi everyone! I couldn't find a thread about the 2017 COMLEX Level II PE so I thought I'd start one-- please comment a link to an official thread if one exists already. I am starting to study for it and wanted to hear more about how the day went, what you used to study, etc. For...
  3. M

    USMLE Step II necessary?

    I have a step 1 222 and comlex I 541 and I'm interested in matching to ACGME diagnostic radiology. Is it necessary that I take the Step II CK or will the Level II CE suffice?