1. T

    Pitt vs. BU vs. Stony vs. Hofstra (please help!)

    Hi everyone! I'd appreciate the help here because I'm quite stuck. I'm currently interested in academic medicine/surgical specialty and med devices. My long term SO is also in NY. Pitt: Pros great research and clinical training great match list seems like the most "prestigious" of the bunch...
  2. FreeRadicals

    Hofstra University vs Stony Brook University

    Hey guys, Just need some advise. Do you guys recommend forming at Stony Brook (about 40min away by car) or commuting to Hofstra (25min away by car) - I have applied Bio major for both and with scholarships included both come to the same price (stony brook + dorming = Hofstra commuting). All...
  3. Jericho91

    SUNY School Rankings *BUMP*

    Howdy lady and gents I have not been on this forum in a few weeks (finally had some stuff to contribute recently). I am a Cali resident but I have been invited to interviews in 3 SUNY Schools (Upstate, Stony Brook, Downstate). I want to attend at least 2 in 1 trip but let's see how scheduling...