stroke volume

  1. A

    stroke volume question

    Stroke volume is the amount of blood ejected by the ventricle in one beat and is determined by ventricular preload, afterload, and contractility. How can stroke volume be decreased? a) Increase heart rate b) Increase ventricular contraction c) Decrease aortic pressure d) Decrease total...
  2. StrongBeliever

    I don't understand Heterometric regulation!

    In my book it says, Heterometric regulation: It's characterized by: It depends on a different EDV (increased ventricular blood volume at end of diastole, increases CO and vise versa) Could someone please explain this sentence.:(
  3. StrongBeliever

    what does venous tone mean?

    In my book it says, increased venous tone increases venous return, but what does venous tone mean?:)
  4. W

    Stroke Volume, MAP, and Pressure-Volume Loop

    Hi all, In a pressure-volume loop, if preload is increased stroke volume is increased, but it doesn't appear to increase systolic pressure at all. However, from the equation: MAP= SV x HR x TPR I would be inclined to think an increase in stroke volume would increase systolic volume. Where am...
  5. C

    Stroke volume, Total peripheral resistance and Cardiac output

    Hey guys so I'm slightly confused about these 3 things. From what I understand, Blood pressure= Cardiac output x Total peripheral resistance Cardiac output= Stroke volume * Heart rate Stroke volume depends on 3 things- preload, contractility, and afterload. When baroreceptors detect a low...