study parter

  1. J

    Looking for Step 2 CS partner (Dallas,TX)

    Hey guys, my name is Daniel. I'm looking for a study partner for the months of April and May. If you live in/around Dallas and need a live practice partner then feel free to hit me up.
  2. A

    Study partner in Chennai for NBDE 1

    Hi, Anyone preparing for NBDE 1? I'm in Chennai, currently doing my internship. I have Kaplan part 1 prep book to start with. Please let me know. Thanks, Anirudh
  3. N

    need study partner 2CS

    need focused study partner for step 2cs. exam on dec 26. At houston. Live or skype. to practice FA and amboss cases for 1 week. starting on 17/12 or 18/12.
  4. B


    Looking for someone based in the Bay Area to be my USMLE Step 1 study partner so studying doesn't feel like isolation/ being trapped on a desert island. Being able to study in person is definitely preferred and being in or near Fremont would be ideal. I'm a US IMG that is in the early stages of...
  5. D

    study partner for step1 in August

    hi guys, im looking for someone to study with for MLE. I'm an IMG from India, just starting out. ive began 1.kaplan notes 2.sketchy for micro 3.firecracker 4. confused whether I should start usmle Rx or Uworld
  6. A

    Study partner in Chicago for CS next week

    Hello! I’m going down to Chicago to take the Kaplan practice test for the CS next week. Looking for a study partner to quickly revise the PE on the 15th or the 17th of Jan. Let me know if anyone is interested.
  7. M

    Looking for Step 2 CS Study Partner at Manhattan

    Hi, I am looking for a study partner at Manhattan for Step 2 CS. I am currently working as a research fellow at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. I am available after work on weekdays (after 5 PM) and on weekend as well. Waiting for responses.
  8. M

    SP needed for ck

    Img in need a step 2 and 3 study partner. I just passed step 1 and CS. CK in 7weeks.
  9. L

    CCRN study partner in tampa area

    Looking for someone to study the ccrn exam. Plan on taking it in 2 months! Lets share resources and motivate each other to pass this exam! I personally have questions banks and LAURA G. Lectures to share
  10. iamironman

    CS partner in Houston needed (AMG only)

    I am taking my CS on Feb 28, 2017. Anybody in Houston want to prepare live at kaplan center or on skype please reply. We can make up the solid plan together. Thanks.
  11. Hands4Surgery

    NEED study partner for CS in the Washington, D.C. area - Exam 3.20.2017

    Hi all, I NEED study partner for CS in the Washington, D.C. area. My exam is 3/20. If anybody needs to take this thing, lets ROCK IT! I'll be checking this site constantly for replies. Thanks peoplez!