1. L

    Kaplan Test Prep Free Study Guides & Raffles

    For the next week (Until August 28th)!! Kaplan Test Prep is offering a chance to download Free Study Guides, and a chance to win Free Gift Cards! - STUDY GUIDE: Download your Free Study Guide PDF for the MCAT, GMAT, LSAT, GRE, DAT, PCAT, or OAT! Simply scroll down and click "Get The Guide"...
  2. C

    ACS Exam for Organic Chemistry?

    Has anyone taken the ACS exam for Organic Chemistry? I am going to be taking it in a week. I was wondering what advice you guys would have? I bought the review guide. I personally heard it's not too bad. Also the professor is suppose to be curving it, not to mention, everyone says that the ACS...
  3. BellaPinhaMD

    USMLE Look Ma' no hands!-STEP 1 GUIDE

    Okay so after doing some research and reading from my favorites like Indomethacin, mrknowitall, Phloston, Ina2990 and many others IMG with good scores. I decided to make a guide that mixed their study plans and worked for me and may even work for others, who knows, but we are all on this...
  4. F

    Dr. Collins PCAT

    This is the ULTIMATE study guide for the PCAT. I know from experience; I went from a 74 on my first attempt to a 94 on the second attempt. I only studied Dr. Collins for my second attempt. I will sell for a reasonable price just email me. Good luck to all of you! [email protected]