1. F

    Zeiss vs Surgitel loupes

    Hi all, I can't decide between the two. I am looking at the ziess 4.0x and Surgitel 4.5x flip ups. The Zeiss lens clarity is phenomenal. I just wish they had a steeper declination angle (posture is important to me since I'm quite tall). Their field of view is also much better than the...
  2. F

    Which loupes?

    Hello, first of all, sorry for my bad english Why? I'm dentist since 2012 and I never worked with loupes but I decided to buy some to improve my work quality and my posture. I do omnipratic, I think my work is nice but when I take photos I can see many things that I cannot see with bare eyes...
  3. DarthWaxer

    Wanted: *ANY* USED Surgitel 3.5x+ Prismatic TTL loupes!

    Hello, I am on the lookout for used 3.5x+ power TTL-style prismatic loupes, particularly Surgitel brand. I will consider other brands if the working distance is 20+ inches. I am not picky about angle of declination or interpupillary distance, as I will be re-mounting them to my own specs...